Chelsea and Tyler Hall, owners of Green Valley Farm welcome you to the family property where we live and are raising our two children! In 2017, we made the decision to change the course of our lives together and moved from the big city of Virginia Beach to rural Eastern Shore.

As Green Valley Farm has been a blessing in our lives, our hope is that this property is a source of joy to all who visit – that memories are made, stories shared and families united in love and laughter.


Chelsea, Tyler, Gunner, & Archer



Our Story

A quick(ish) story on how we got here


Tyler and I both grew up in Virginia Beach and we were thrilled to move back to our hometown with new careers after working in Northern Virginia for a few years after college. Tyler would hunt on the weekends on the Eastern Shore so I would tag along to spend time with the other hunting widows of the family. We loved everything about the Shore, the simplicity, the salty air, the people. Time seemed to slow down whenever we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We were happy, relaxed, and optimistic. As our love grew for the Shore, we would talk and dream about buying land where we would one day build a homeLittle did we know that day was right around the corner.


Fast forward four years where we got married, had our first child, I left accounting for pharmaceutical and then to medical device sales, and now pregnant with our second child - you could say we were in the thick of it. That’s when my mother-in-law shared a link on my Facebook page about a farm that was for sale on the Eastern Shore. She kiddingly wrote - come be our neighbor!

It may have been the pregnancy hormones, but as soon as I laid eyes on the listing, I told Tyler we had to go see it. We asked to see the house and farm the very next weekend, and it was love at first sight. When we left it may have been five minutes before either of us spoke. We were both overwhelmed with the same feeling that this was it, this was where we were meant to be, not twenty, thirty years from now, but right now. It’s a terrifying feeling when your dream is standing right in front of you. The moment when you decide if you want to keep fantasizing about your dream or roll up your sleeves and take a leap of faith and go for it.


After negotiations fell through in 2016, we accepted that it wasn’t our time to move to the Eastern Shore. It wasn’t in His plan for us, just yet. While on a work trip in Las Vegas in January, Tyler called with surprising news. We received a three page letter in the mail from the owner of Green Valley Farm, expressing the same feeling we had - that the Farm was meant for us and would be willing to come back to renegotiate. The rest is history! Green Valley Farm became our home in May, 2017. I left my career in medical device sales to start Green Valley Farm Events LLC and raise our children. Our second child was born in June, right after I finished painting the guest bathroom.

For We Live By Faith, Not By Sight
Corinthians 5:7