Our Story

Green Valley Farm wasn’t in our five year plan but we are so excited and thankful about how life has unfolded. We wanted to share a little bit about how our move transpired and how God’s hand was in every little piece of it.

Tyler and I both grew up in Virginia Beach and we were thrilled to move back to our hometown with new careers after working in Northern Virginia for a few years after college. Tyler would hunt on the weekends on the Eastern Shore so I would tag along to spend time with the other hunting widows of the family. We loved everything about the Shore, the simplicity, the salty air, the people. Time seemed to slow down whenever we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We were happy, relaxed, and optimistic. As our love grew for the Shore, we would talk and dream about buying land where we would one day build a home and retire. We never imagined that day would be right around the corner. 

Fast forward three years, my mother-in-law shared a link on my Facebook to a farm that was for sale on the Eastern Shore and teased, “Come be our neighbor!” She might have been kidding, but I found myself contacting the selling agent to ask if we could come see the farm the next weekend. Ten months later, we found ourselves moving to the Eastern Shore, to that farm my mother-in-law shared on my Facebook page. Thank you Kay! I left my career in medical device sales to run the farm and be home with our two sons. Tyler continues to commute to his job in Norfolk during the week and we get to work side-by-side on the farm together on the weekends! 





For we live by faith, not by sight -Corinthians 5:7